, CDCl 3 ): d 170.4e169.2 (MeCO), vol.156

, 69.0 (C-4), vol.68, pp.69-73

, 20.8e20.6 (MeCO), vol.52

, 1R)-1-Dodecylsulfonyl-5N,6O-oxomethylidenemannonojirimycin (8) Compound 8 was obtained by conventional O-deacetylation (see General Methods) of 17. Column chromatography (4:1 EtOAccyclohexane / EtOAc). Yield: 12 mg (64%)

H. , 36 (dd, 1 H, J 6a,6b ¼ 9.0 Hz, J 5,6b ¼ 5.0 Hz, H-6b), 4.08 (td, 1 H, J 4,5 ¼ J 5,6a ¼ 9, vol.4

. Mhz, C-4), 68.6 (C-6), CD 3 OD): d 159.5 (CO), 74.0 (C-1), 73.0 (C-3), vol.70

, Human monocytes were purified from buffy coats by successive Ficoll and Percoll gradients. Monocyte-derived DCs were differentiated from monocytes by 5 days of culture with GM-CSF (50 ng ml À1 ; ImmunoTools) and IL-4 (10 ng ml À1 ; ImmunoTools), as described. 19 Proper differentiation was characterized by low CD14

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