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Welcome to the HAL webpage of Laboratory MPQ

The laboratory specializes in the study of frontier quantum materials and in the development of novel quantum devices. These activities rely on a large spectrum of theoretical and experimental expertise in material physics, transport and optics, and technological platforms of clean-room fabrication, spectroscopy and high-resolution electronic microscopy.

The activities of the laboratory span:

  • novel materials at the nanoscale: nanocrystals, functionalized nanotubes, multiferroics, 2D materials, etc.
  • novel phases of matter: quantum fluids of light, ultrastrong coupling in cavity, unconventional superconductivity, strongly correlated systems, topological phases, etc.
  • nano-optical systems: optomechanics, nonlinear nanophotonics, nanoplasmonics, etc.
  • quantum engineering and quantum information: quantum optoelectronic devices, quantum photonic circuits, trapped ions, hybrid organic/inorganic devices, surface and interface engineering.


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