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Welcome to the collection HAL IRIF

IRIF is a research laboratory of CNRS and Université Paris Cité (UMR 8243) hosting one Inria project-team and gathering close to 200 members : full members / contract staff / administrative and technical staff.

IRIF is renown for its contributions to the design and analysis of algorithms, the study of computational and data representation models, the foundations of programming languages, software development, verification, and certification.

IRIF relies on mathematical concepts developed and studied within it, particularly in combinatorics, graph theory, logic and algebra. .








Lower bounds Directed homotopy Polygraphs Higher categories Proof nets Circular proofs Concurrency Linear Logic Atomic read/write register Open source software Classical logic Lazy evaluation Lattice Reachability Coloring Lambda calculus Fixed points Décision distribuée Consensus Lambda-calculus Sequent calculus Monadic second-order logic Semantics Coq Lambda Calculus Distributed decision Catégories supérieures Approximation Algorithms Polygraph Open source Subtyping Topology Categorical semantics Opetopic set Automata and formal languages Combinatorial maps Analytic combinatorics Opetope BFS Proof assistant Separation Algorithmes quantiques Parity games Package ecosystem Graph theory Sémantique Reduction operators Authentication Rewriting Type theory 2012 ACM Subject Classification Theory of computation → Tree languages Algorithmes distribués Algorithm engineering Process crash failure Curry-Howard Observational equivalence Local certification Access Accessible model category Accès Distance Labeling Eccentricity Combinatorial model category Distributed algorithms Reverse mathematics Intersection types Polynomial functor Automaton groups Decision problems Game semantics Dynamical analysis of Algorithms Logique linéaire Directed path Non-determinism Graph homomorphism Proof theory Conference Theory of computation Program verification Verification Linear logic Coinduction Precubical set Distributed graph algorithms Complexity Operad Abstraction Proof assistants Interval graphs Graph search Denotational semantics Algorithm Gradual typing Non-wellfounded proofs Communication complexity Clustering Decidability Distributed verification Semantic subtyping Algebraic theories